MFTH Members:

We are a group of university students who combine our interest in music with our passion for health to organize annual fundraising musical concerts.  We envision our cause as a way of fulfilling our goals of giving back to our community, while contributing to the overall improvement of our medical system.

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Pedram Laghaei, BSc.

President and Founder

Pedram is a UBC Science graduate who is involved in various activities within the health care field.  Some of his long-term commitments include being an ER volunteer at Eagle Ridge Hospital since August 2011 and a dedicated member of St. John Ambulance since 2013.  In the field of medicine, Pedram is currently collaborating with physicians and neuroscientists in researching metabolic, genetic, and immunological factors affecting individuals with treatment-refractory schizophrenia at UBC Department of Psychiatry.

His passion for music and desire to help his community inspired him to initiate and organize a fundraising musical concert, known as Music For The Hearts.  With the help of his team, Pedram hopes to extend what MFTH can offer to all the communities and care centres of Lower Mainland.  As President and Founder, Pedram plays the crucial role of creating, communicating, and implementing MFTH's vision, mission, and overall direction.  Through monitoring the complete operation of the organization, he manages all tasks performed by the directors, staff, and volunteers, while leading his team in making MFTH bigger and better every year.


Houman Gholami

Vice President Marketing and Recruitment

Houman is a BCIT student currently in his first year studying Computer Systems Technology program.  He has also studied a year of nutritional sciences at UBC and has been interested in health care throughout his life.  Houman is keen on supporting his community and helping others; he has been an avid volunteer in several organizations throughout the community, including Tricity Iranian Cultural Society for over 5 years and MFTH since the beginning, before he joined the executive team in 2017.  By collaborating with his team members, he believes in creating a better environment for all people in the community.

As VP Marketing, Houman is in charge of promoting our events throughout each year.  By communicating MFTH's Mission, he encourages others to support MFTH via attending events or making independent donations, while creating interest within the public.  As Volunteer Coordinator, Houman recruits and leads volunteers to effectively help MFTH Organization in hosting its events.


Justin Becker

Vice President Finance

Justin is a UBC Engineering graduate who specializes in working with contaminated sites for the protection of public health and interests. Over the past couple of years, he has been invoked with a variety of activities within the community including providing first aid services as a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol. His passion for involvement with public health has inspired him to begin collaborating with Music for the Hearts in 2018 before joining the executive team in 2019.

As VP Finance, Justin is responsible for keeping the budget of MFTH in check, obtaining financial support, and managing the venue and equipment rentals.  He is also responsible for collaborating with VP Marketing in order to manage ticket sales effectively.


Faraz Soltani

Vice President Music

Faraz is a UBC Science undergraduate who developed a passion in health and community since early childhood. Academically, he is interested in developing ways to incorporate artificial intelligence and computer learning into the medical field. Musically, he began his violin and piano training at a young age and has performed in concerts in North America, Asia, and Europe. He currently holds his Associate Performance Diploma for both instruments from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and is an active teacher and accompanist. In his local community, he has been an active contributor to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada, BC Children’s Hospital, and the BC Heart and Stroke Foundation.

As VP Music, Faraz coordinates with solo and group-based musicians and organizes all musical performances that are integral to events held by MFTH. He ensures that the volunteer performers form a group composed of talented and diverse individuals from all ages and cultural backgrounds.

MFTH Alumni:


Parisa Safavi

VP Marketing

Jan 2014 — Aug 2017

Donyanaz Divsalar

VP Communications

Jan 2015 — May 2018

Mehran Mirahmadi

VP Finance

Jan 2014 — May 2018

Ariana Ansari

Chair of Finance

July 2017 — Apr 2018