A New Look!

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As members of Music For The Hearts (MFTH), we are proud to present our new and improved website!  Our new site is a direct result of our continuous growth and passion towards our goals and has been made possible by the amazing support we have received from the community.  MFTH welcomes you whether you have been following us from the beginning or if you have just learned our name.

Although we have come this far, there is still a long way for us to go.  In terms of the website, there are some features that are not yet complete or functional, while others have not been implemented yet.  We believe in our duty to keep you informed about any thing we do, whether it is related to our organization or our community and its health.  As a result, we will keep you updated via our news section, so make sure to come back frequently!

This post contains information about all features and pages, complete or incomplete, that our new site holds.


Main page containing featured links to the rest of our site.

Find out about us, our goal, start, and journey here.

View all of our events through images and videos.

Find out more about our past events.

Want to get involved?  You can know all about it here!


Got a question?  Make sure to look through this page.

In Progress:

  • Donations:   MFTH wants to offer a smooth and safe process for online donations.  As a result, we are currently working on updating our financial section; thus, this option is not possible yet.  We thank you regardless and would appreciate any and all donations made in person until we polish our online system.


  • Online Ticket Sales:   For the same reasons stated above, we have not yet included an option for purchasing tickets online.  We are actively working on this feature and hope to have online ticket sales available for our MFTH 2018 Annual Musical Concert.


  • Contacting Members:   To achieve a new and upgraded look, we have made a few changes regarding how we host our website. As a result, some of our contact information has been changed.  We are currently in the process of creating more efficient ways in which we can be reached.

If you have have any further questions, suggestions, or comments you could either visit the FAQ and Got a Question? pages or leave a comment below this post. We will respond as soon as we can.