Music For The Hearts

 Ready to help?

Help us help others! Want to contribute to the betterment of the community's health? You can help in more ways than one. We aim to not only assist those in need but to also inspire others to take action in their community. We appreciate anything you can do no matter how small or large.

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Your donation allows us to keep MFTH alive and grow to reach more of those in need! We are a non-profit organization which means a 100% of everything we receive is put towards running our events and donating to further the community's well being.


Food and business sponsors will be recognized in our published advertisements and in the annual concert, as well as on our website for a minimum of 1 year. Financial sponsors will further receive a Certificate of Appreciation, which is our way of saying thank you for your contribution.


Our event is run completely with the help of our volunteers. We are always in need of more amazing people to help grow MFTH! Want to join our team of volunteers and be a part of a great cause?


We are always looking for individuals who are passionate about making a difference in their community through music. Whether you perform solo or in a group, perform for a better future!

You can help even if you do not have the time or money! You can support us by simply sharing our cause by means of raising awareness not only for MFTH, but the many health issues in the community.

Simply Share.